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Students in the school age program are separated into classes by ability. The class descriptions can be found below.

Preschool & Kindergarten

Turbo Tots

An early preschool class geared for children 18-30 months old to promote physical and social development. 

2 ½-3 Year Olds

Classes are 45 min and meet once per week.  Students will go through obstacle courses, swing on bars, jump on trampolines, and walk on balance beams.  There is a great deal of emphasis on jumping, running, and rolling.  Students learn gymnastics skills, how to follow a circuit, and to be social with other children their age.

4-5 Year Olds

Classes are 1 hour long and meet once per week.  Students will do all of the gymnastics events with the addition of trampoline and tumbltrak.  There is a great deal of emphasis on cartwheels and handstands.  Students will learn more advanced skills on the bars, balance beam, and vault as well.



Students are brand new to gymnastics or still working to master the fundamentals such as forward/backward rolling, handstands, cartwheels, and bridging.

Advanced Beginner

Students are learning to bridge and kickover on an incline as well as backbend on an incline.  They have a good understanding of cartwheels and handstands and are beginning to develop roundoffs.


Students should be able to do a bridge kickover down an incline mat, hurdle into a roundoff, backbend onto an incline mat, and handstand into a bridge. Students will begin work on backwalkovers, backhandsprings, and fronthandspringsEarly Spring


Students should be able to do a backwalkover, standing backhandspring, and fronthandspring on the floor. Students will work on roundoff backhandsprings, backtucks/layouts, punch front tucks, etc.