A Great Alternative To Traditional Competitive Teams

What is Rec Team?

The Dana Mannix Rec Team was designed for students who want to learn and compete USAG routines but either are not able or do not want to commit to the time involved on being on traditional competitive gymnastic teams.  The Rec Team practices once a week for two hours.  The competitions are held 3 times a year at Dana Mannix Gymnastics center and the students only compete against other Dana Mannix Rec Team gymnasts. 

What is the commitment level for the Rec Team?

The Rec Team sessions are the same as the regular Dana Mannix class sessions.  Although it is beneficial for the students to continue with consecutive sessions as they are learning skills and routines, students have the ability to take a session off if they need to and join back later in the year.  The Rec Team practices for 2 hours once a week.

When does the Rec Team Compete?

The Rec Team will have at least 3 in-house competitions a year.  The Rec Team will compete against other Dana Mannix Rec Team gymnasts.  Rec Team gymnasts are not required to compete in the competitions and can choose to compete in just one competition, all of them, or none of them.  The competitions are a great way to show family and friends what they gymnast has learned.  Typically the competitions are held in the early fall, winter, and spring.

Rec Meets

Gymnastics Rec Team

Rec Team Level 1

Rec Team Level 2

Rec Team Level 3

Rec Team Level 4

Trampoline & Tumbling Rec Team

Trampoline & Tumbling